Our Founders

The tale of two families.

In 1990 the Wilson family moved from the UK to New Zealand. Upon arrival, Peter soon struck up a friendship with John - the eldest son of the Miller family. 
These two would go on to remain life- long friends. As the winds of fortune would have it (or maybe just the result of living in a small town), they fell in love with and married two sisters. And so, the two friends became in-laws.
Fast forward a couple of decades and Peter, his wife and three kids find themselves living in Houston, Texas, while John, his wife and three kids stayed in New Zealand.
Over a family Christmas in Texas (and quite possibly a few too many eggnogs), the two families hatched a plan.
What if we could bring the unique, natural tastes of New Zealand to Texas and, hey why not anywhere else in the USA we can find an interested foodie or two!