Heavenly New Zealand Cherries Coming Soon...

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Our New Zealand Cherries are grown in Central Otago, a remarkable region of the South Island, our Cherries are an absolute labor of love!

With pristinely cold winters, dry hot summers and perfect alpine soil, this region provides the Earth’s best growing conditions for Cherries. Growing them successfully requires careful attention to the formation of ice on the fruit in the winter and exposure to sun and heat in the summer.

Helicopters are flown over the orchards in winter to beat the moisture off the Cherries which prohibits harmful amounts of ice from forming. Tree loading is carefully managed to ensure that the optimum number of Cherries are on each tree to extract maximum nutrients and flavor.

Our Cherries are then left on the tree until completely naturally ripened. They are picked, packed and flown non-stop to the USA, arriving in store within three days.

4.4lb boxes.